A United Society

A United Society is a product of Community Involvement

It has to be said by some that the only way there is be unity and stability in a society that is through total community involvement by everyone, Even though in many ways it could be considered a good thing by having a dissenting view at times over any subject if only to spur a conversation over whether it may be a valid point or not, which hopefully that point being the correct one and can be proven by a positive end result.

There are so many area’s that hinge on whether or not something is valid that a number of different subjects should be discussed both in the present day effects and those that may occur later from any action taken, which such action could have a good or bad effect on whether or not a society is sheen as just and true with any decisions that's made then incorporated into everyday life. Validity of any argument and the decisions that comes from it begins with understanding personal behavior and a person’s attitude towards life which can be seen how they function in thier personal lives towards others and on how they may aid others in society and how they may lead others by their example if given the change.

Selfishness is a vital area of concern towards that end in making any evaluation on a subject, and another area that has to be taken into consideration is the opposite of selfishness which is selflessness that points to how someone properly relates to others needs.
The question then must to be? Who is the best person to represent the masses in order to have fewer disputes and conflicts with more productivity and successes in aiding each and every person with achieving their goals, is it the selfish person or the person that does not have a selfish agenda that should prevail? It has to be the most selfless and honest person available.

With that thought it must take the entire community to have some sort of involvement in having that ability to make that choice, so voting and expressing ones opinion in a free society can be and is vital for freedom and safety to be guaranteed.

Again the question is, what you expect from life, do you wish to be free or enslaved, do you wish to prosper or flounder your decision to participate could determine the outcome.

A common theme found throughout each post on this site is good character counts.


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