Common Sense is Essential

Proper education leads to making correct decision with everything in life!

A proper education does not mean which school someone may have attended, it is obvious that a bad education can be produced in a top rated ivy league school as easily as a back water no name institution. The reference to a good education for anything other than a specific discipline such as medical or engineering referred to in this posting as specific, is the teaching of others in the proper method of recognizing common sense guidelines to engage in and using them appropriately, such as what is something a person desires to achieve and how that achievement affects others beyond themselves in the ability to accomplish the same goal as they, as long as it is not for criminal gains. The entire premise behind having a free nation and society is equality and without having that equality then there can only be slavery in some fashion. Of course the meaning of equality is that everyone is subject to the same rules.

Not only will having a proper method for making common sense decisions allowed through better education be affective in a political sense but it can be and should be applied to everyday living as well, the fact is good common sense goes hand in hand with both endeavors, either political and personal. And much of which passes today for education is nothing more than propaganda and distractions and has little true value in developing that good common sense which is necessary for an orderly free society.
Being taught good common sense at any age but most appropriately at a younger age while developing an individual’s outlook on any subject that may affect behavior in a certain way of thinking throughout life, and with that development would also include selflessness as being part of that common sense which would not only reduce to zero or near zero the number of divorces occurring in the world including the U S with numbers hovering around 50% by creating selflessness and understanding between partners, by doing this would keep these potentially broken homes intact then have a huge effect of having more intact families which should produce many more mentally stable and healthy children who then would be released on society to make better life and political choices. In which case, those individuals would have a better reference point for making sound decisions reducing the amount of stress and conflicts seen in any or many of the situations that come about through existing chaos. As it can be verified that many causes will have an effect on any and everything it comes in contact with and a corrupt cause will only produce a corrupt outcome on anything it has an influence over.


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