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Know the facts before any considerations are given to anyone regarding any public actions on elections?

Let it be said a complaint has been made known concerning Malfeasance of a government official to the print media as well as the perpetrator and they both failed to take notice or show interest in the matter or show concern for the public safety and notify those concerned of the danger which may exist to the public, then fake news media or a corrupt agenda by some must be thier forte of those that engage in that neglect and shirking of their duty.

Failures of proper repressentation for Disc.1 Arizona.

Hopefully everyone should know just for their own sake what is good representation and what types of decisions are made regarding their future existence by thier perspective represenitivies, so what does good representation mean and why it’s so important, it means safety, security with prosperity included; it’s unfortunate that some just through their actions seem not to care for their own futures existence, that’s apparent by their action.

Even though a person may seem to be a good caring intelligent individual who says they will work to benefit and improve the lives of many if given the chance, in most cases they lack the ability or skills to do so effectively, and further they have the inability to complete many of those tasks expected of them, it’s inappropriate to just represent a small number of those which he or she may be beholden to in some way for forget the remainder of individuals they are charged to care for.

In the 1st district of Arizona for example like many other districts in Arizona and other places, Representative Tom O’Halloran had been designated to represent his constituent’s through election and were he had volunteered for that election without duress, has failed in numerous ways with carrying out his responsibility and duties as he promised the citizens he would in representing them.

In making such allegations as this post eludes to, it is recognized that everything may not come to a proper conclusion as it should in every instance for a number of reasons, in many cases those failures do occur for some reason it is not always the fault of any one individual who may have failed in some tasks undertaken, but in this case Mr. O’Halloran like many others who has failed in carrying out a simple task which pertained to the basics of insuring that government works for everyone without corruption or bios has failed, then there is no reason in giving Mr. O’Halloran another opportunity to represent the people by electing him to a second term then failing again in continued representing his district.

It should be known Mr. O’Halloran not only has failed once in his duties, but multiple times, however to insure the accuracy of any claim and its proper outcome ample time has been given Mr. O’Halloran for his response regarding this matter and this issue has gone unintended to by him and not answered by Mr. O’Halloran himself, and Mr. O’Halloran without giving proper attention to this matter where its due, other than issuing unrelated political advertising and then only through his staff which constitutes the only contact shows lack of concern for his constituents, there have been many failures generated over this same issue time after time by him and others with the duty to address this issue which shows where there is a total lack of interest and responsibility to complete his task of representing the people of his district.

Remember this is a legitimate concern that represents and relates to everyone’s future as free people not just mine, by this protest being made in such a way it is hoped that it may dispel any argument by those who think this is just a selfish outburst which it isn't.

One should ask themselves then why they should or anyone else for that matter subject themselves to these types of disinterested individuals with reference to their responsibilities, whether they maybe a Democrat, Republican or independent which may demonstrate the same neglectful behavior.

George Kelly


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