Exposing corrupt Individuals

Exposing corrupt thinking and those that engage in that thought!

Friday while traveling in the car engaging in certain needed chores there was a broadcast which I tuned into where Rush Limbaugh was mentioning a person he had concerns over, while that broadcast was taking place there was reference to a professor at Harvard university who professed in having some sort of expertise on child rearing, Elizabeth Berthelot, who projected by her thoughts and actions certain ways of thinking on how parents must be kept from their children and having any influence over them as much as possible in an effort to protect them against evil thought and misguidance in the child’s later behavior. I have to agree with Rush that particular way of thinking by that professor and those like her is dangerous and unacceptable and highly destructive to an orderly society.

A reference can be cited speaking of certain influences in my own life by both parents which may be one of those area’s that supports Rush in his assessment of this person which he mentioned.

It is a known fact that in my case and many others like me, there was and had been more than ample guidance and over sight aiding in influencing my behavior towards others and how I should contribute to society, my mother saw to it I had more than enough ethical and moral guidance and instruction to engage in that socially acceptable behavior in any endeavor I perused, and a good caring father who was also conscious of contributing to that favorable guidance by passing on the need for hard work and respect being shown in all matters and reinforcing my obligation to society and to others by treating them kindly, with dignity and respect, included with that instruction was the proper behavior towards animals and our obligation towards nature as much as regard for human existence, at the same time taking into account it still meant holding others reasonable whenever possible.

[ Then where does this person referred to in this article get off with advocating against parental guidance]

There are many contributing factors within that guidance which I received that would not have existed if this person referred to above was allowed to continue without some sort of pushback and challenge to the way she thinks and wants to influence others by those thoughts.

It is a known fact there are evil persons that inhabit our culture and demonstrate an air of not having any responsibility for their actions, even some who think they are correct in their way of thought, but in fact who are corrupt.Those actions they undertake create many ills for others and destroy lives in the process, but there are also many good people who understand their responsibility as well, and those people should not suffer in anyway by corrupt thinking by anyone, must importantly in the upbringing of their children. After all people are not machines or assembly lines made for the benefit of a few.

Question: Do you wish to be productive and give meaning to your life, or just vegetate and do nothing


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