Responsability, its key for true freedom!

Personal Responsibility and self-reliance is Key to freedom and Harmony

As required by the U.S. Constitution for its very survival or existence and any benefits that all citizens may receive through its influence, personal reasonability is key to establish those benefits.
That key of responsibility is what gives us or helps to give us all those freedoms everyone should enjoy daily, further knowing what constitutes that responsibility is just as important as the act itself. The problem is that many have no idea of what that responsibility is or what it’s comprised of, or even care to find out for themselves what it may be, in many cases that lack of caring comes from the improper education and guidance from their guardians when they are young individuals.
So many are engaged only in their own self-interest that many forget there are others that have the same rights as they do also.

With respect to the present coronavirus that exists today it comes with many facets of responsibility attached, first not only do individuals not wish to contract the illness themselves, but in many cases they do not want to pass it on to others either. Unfortunately there are those few who don’t care one way or the other and only care about their own existence and pleasures which may harm others and make it difficult for many to exercise their rights.

There is a side to this issue that must be considered too, and that is, with some or all the difficulties brought by a certain circumstance that causes some to react the way they do, there must be a line drawn between a sincere desire to protect the interest of everyone and protection of a few, and further care must be taken to insure that there is no corrupt intent behind any action taken by some.

For example: taking things too far and using draconian measures or what seems to be draconian in any effort to accomplish any goal and not trusting the general citizenry to do the right thing may erupt in unintended consciences such as rebellious acts and where protest can be seen as a legitimate act of defiance. On the other hand it may be that certain measures being instituted are either understood or misunderstood by all parties and or not well thought out as to the effects of some decisions and at that point who could be seen as irresponsable, that is certainly a question that everyone should ask not just leaving it up to interpretation, further making such decisions perfectly clear as to the intent may go a long way to cure many ills.That all boils down to choosing the right representative in the first place.

As always any dissenting views as requested and any others thoughts are encouraged.


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