Economics 101, What Everyone Should Know

Economics 101, simple math and how it relates to freedom

What every American should know about what may spell financial success for all just by exercising principles of basic math and how understanding these principles may apply to everyday life.

First, it is apparent through many avenues taken by a great number of individuals in an effort to gain some sort of financial enhancement or support, they look to either a Federal or State entity as a benevolent separate organization to gain that advantage from, and where those entities for some reason are seen as having never ending pockets of cash available for that effort, which is far from being true, there is an ending, however most think incorrectly those pockets can never run dry, by embracing that idea it shows failure by many to understanding the true structure of those pockets which in every case consist of their own, further consideration is also not given to where that aid comes from which is most likely friends or relatives who could never afford such an outlay required for that aid or be able to relinquish that cash needed for their participation for various reasons, including near bankruptcy or other financial hardship themselves. In reality other citizens may actually need the same support as any initial person making any requires. So the truth is, anything taken from one, also requires the same consideration be given to others a well, in that way, what you take from other individuals through taxation or fee’s let’s say, they can take from you using the same method or approach, which means in the end you actually paid yourself, so what’s the gain?

What are the main points outlined within this post! Like other posts It brings out many fallacies in the way that many think regarding personal responsibility, where certain thoughts and beliefs are contrary to what individuals like Dave Ramsay has been saying for years anyway. Who is it that needs any public help or assistance to start with? there is no doubt that some may be in need of that help on occasion, I won't deny that, however those are in most cases truly the downtrodden and individuals who somehow have been cheated in someway through illegal activities by some, but not as many as thought who require may require at assistance from public coughers, that is if certain factors are truly taken into consideration, in many cases that assistance is either corrupt or criminal in nature, if not somehow misguided in its effort or purpose. The fact is, if good common sense is used and more saved for any emergency which may arise we all would be better off financially, instead most of what can be saved is spent on trivial pastimes and items of personal pleasure with no regard to who it may affect with others ability to protect their financial futures. And this kind of attitude that prevails throughout society pertains as much to individuals as governmental policies. And because of any lack of understanding on this matter by many, it also reflects on other areas of governing people either through having or with a lack of responsibility.

So the question that must be asked, is what is it that should be on everyone’s mind regarding what effects poor planning or the lack of execution of those plans if they exists, and how that decision may adversely affect their future and their children’s future?


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