misguided individuals in society

Misguided society

Many things contribute to misunderstandings of course, however one of those is the use of words in a way they were never intended. A number of examples can be sited that illustrates that point, and where that misconception leads to misunderstandings and often un-necessary violence.

Some of these examples are the names of many sports teams: the term “redskin” for example in title Washington Redskins is intended to note the bravery, tenacity and honor of the Native Americans in that area not a slur. Or “Atlanta Braves” which might be taken as an incorrect negative portrayal of Native Americans by some, but in fact it honors the Native Americans from that area as not cowards but brave souls and having a willingness to fight for their cause, and a desire to be associated with that memory of those brave people, the adoption of that reference is only signing praises to their heritage, what kind of idiot thinks differently!

Another and one of many examples is a term “Squaw peak” in Phoenix, a term only derogatory or slanderous if you make it so, but in truth it was never intended by its founders to be used in that fashion. If there was a desire to change it to honor a specific person that maybe a noble reason for that change and that’s fine, but it wasn’t presented in that light, it was portrayed as derogatory term as the reason to change it. Why is that a concern? It shows ignorance and corruption by some masked as a good deed where that kind of behavior may later affect other areas of individual freedoms. See how using words in the wrong way causes problems!

Take the current violent protest which are encouraged in some way through lie’s, deceit, misconceptions and ignorance, can be related in most cases that ignorance in some individuals was caused by our own mistakes through a bad educational system or intended corruption by a few, in any case it’s misguided conduct. Many of those who may be protesting a legitimate concern in a non-violent manner are over shadowed by those who have bad intentions to start with.

Many state as justification for their acts this country was started with violent protest, but one important distinction, those violent acts where not against themselves, that is one important detail left out of this argument by not having a single monarch with selfish intent to protest against, in truth it’s their own and everyone’s neighbors and in many case their supporters. It brings to light why everyone should be involved with choosing the right person to represent them and that doesn’t mean a republican or democrat but the right person. The truth is, even though most bad actors are not elected but appointed who may cause an issue; the elected officials are still responsible for their oversite.
There are 100’s of other examples of where there is either a misconception or ignorance by some.

But one important fact to consider is what is it you ultimately wish for? Something to ponder while considering that answer is freedom not only for you but for others as well.


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