misguided individuals in society

Sunday, June 14. 2020

Misguided society

Many things contribute to misunderstandings of course, however one of those is the use of words in a way they were never intended. A number of examples can be sited that illustrates that point, and where that misconception leads to misunderstandings and often un-necessary violence.

Some of these examples are the names of many sports teams: the term “redskin” for example in title Washington Redskins is intended to note the bravery, tenacity and honor of the Native Americans in that area not a slur. Or “Atlanta Braves” which might be taken as an incorrect negative portrayal of Native Americans by some, but in fact it honors the Native Americans from that area as not cowards but brave souls and having a willingness to fight for their cause, and a desire to be associated with that memory of those brave people, the adoption of that reference is only signing praises to their heritage, what kind of idiot thinks differently!

Another and one of many examples is a term “Squaw peak” in Phoenix, a term only derogatory or slanderous if you make it so, but in truth it was never intended by its founders to be used in that fashion. If there was a desire to change it to honor a specific person that maybe a noble reason for that change and that’s fine, but it wasn’t presented in that light, it was portrayed as derogatory term as the reason to change it. Why is that a concern? It shows ignorance and corruption by some masked as a good deed where that kind of behavior may later affect other areas of individual freedoms. See how using words in the wrong way causes problems!

Take the current violent protest which are encouraged in some way through lie’s, deceit, misconceptions and ignorance, can be related in most cases that ignorance in some individuals was caused by our own mistakes through a bad educational system or intended corruption by a few, in any case it’s misguided conduct. Many of those who may be protesting a legitimate concern in a non-violent manner are over shadowed by those who have bad intentions to start with.

Many state as justification for their acts this country was started with violent protest, but one important distinction, those violent acts where not against themselves, that is one important detail left out of this argument by not having a single monarch with selfish intent to protest against, in truth it’s their own and everyone’s neighbors and in many case their supporters. It brings to light why everyone should be involved with choosing the right person to represent them and that doesn’t mean a republican or democrat but the right person. The truth is, even though most bad actors are not elected but appointed who may cause an issue; the elected officials are still responsible for their oversite.
There are 100’s of other examples of where there is either a misconception or ignorance by some.

But one important fact to consider is what is it you ultimately wish for? Something to ponder while considering that answer is freedom not only for you but for others as well.

What does it mean being an American

Sunday, June 7. 2020

What is the definition of being an American?

Many unfortunately in the present day atmosphere have no idea what it means to be an American. A vast majority of those individuals either represent in some way what it was most of us tried to escape with the formation of this nation, and others are just criminal, but still clueless to the actual ideals put forward by the founders.
So many examples can be given to demonstrate what has gone wrong with this society it’s hard to imagine that least some can’t be recognized, but first, a few questions must be asked to clarify what it is we should all be striving for;

1, what is it we all seek and wish for? It is the opinion of this writer it is safety and security from outside influence and protection against any actions from within that would threaten that safety regardless of who that may be, whether it’s a foreign body or a domestic group. So it is written in the constitution that we all as Americans who we have voluntarily submitted to be bound by that constitution, that we should always confront any threats to the goal of security. Certainly there is a right to petition the government either in writing or peaceful acts of gathering by a number of citizens, but nowhere is it written to allow violent protest, and anyone who partakes in any violent act are criminal and should be dealt with as a criminals.
Which also causes me and should cause many others to examine certain remarks made by General Mattis and others like him, both in the present and the past, even though in their own mind they believe those statements are patriotic and well-founded, their patriotism is obviously misguided, wondering then how many others are misguided also who are charged with everyone’s safety.

Another example of either being misguided or misunderstood is individuals like Colin Kaeperneck who has dominated the news lately by kneeling for the national anthem and showing disrespect for our flag thinking that can solve an issue with any government action, when that flag and corresponding anthem does not represent any one person or a small group as in most other case, but in truth concerning the U S it represents everyone including himself, so by his actions he is dishonoring his own position and calling himself a fool. There are better ways to bring attention to any corruption voting is only one of those methods that would not paint everyone with the same brush.

2, Prosperity is another point to consider, who can guarantee prosperity with the kind of criminal acts being undertaken with present day occurrences, when personal property own by individuals who have nothing to do with any grievance that may be present, and in fact takes away from that very foundation of what’s being argued. Those that perpetrate such violence or destroying their own prosperity and a future that could guarantee their own comfort, unless there is a corrupt purpose behind there acts.

I ask, what is it you wish, is that you can feel safe and make the best out of your life? Then isn't treating everyone well and as equals the way to promote that!

Another Special Addition

Saturday, June 6. 2020

Making a statement that is both short and sweat instead of long drawn out then the following points are valid!

It has been noted with the current violence being perpetrated by some and the call by a few to defund legitimate policing activities which was instituted by the masses in the first place, instead of creating anarchy by eliminating that protection which is available to all, then why not try stopping any criminal activity to start with that requires that police presence. Certainly without the need of having that presence then it would make for less of a chance of hiring any bad actors in that force to begin with, and supervisors could and should be more conscience of who's hired anyway if they truly are protecting everyone. That in itself would allow for the lessening of any police presence if that is the concern. The issue realy is more the lack of responsibility by some in the public arena that creates the issue at all, and those need to be held accountable.

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