Gender and Ethnicity in politics

Gender and ethnicity in politics and the responsibilities that goes with it

Much talk has been undertaken lately on the subject of who should be given a chance to possess a certain post, whereas that decision should be an easy one.

Any confusion or concern over this matter can be dispelled and summerized in a few words.

It is said by some that it’s time for a female to hold certain positions regarding a number of offices or posts and have the same responsibility that goes with it. It has also been discussed that a minority person should be given the same opportunity, which in some ways would make perfect sense that encompass many concerns over inclusiveness in any form which may be considered, but that is not the real objective which should be considered, the best qualified person should be the main objective.

However to secure the best possible outcome for everyone’s safety and security a choice should not be driven only by selecting any particular gender or and ethnic group for deciding such issues which may play a part in daily activities, it must be the most and best qualified person who comes out on top of any appointment then oversees any decision making process or leadership role for any offering or endeavor. Which brings up another point, concerning any white male or age group being considered the only exception would be the heath of the person, that is, the person chosen for that post being sought should be the most qualified under any circumstance for undertaking any task that’s required regardless of race, gender or age, which doing so may cure many ill’s which may be present.

Even in a non free society’s to secure peace and prosperity and guarantees of safety for everyone including those who rule people should always seek to be lead and guided by the best qualified individuals and if that is not possible then that is a good argument why those that rule should not be in the position they are.


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