What does it mean being an American

Sunday, June 7. 2020

What is the definition of being an American?

Many unfortunately in the present day atmosphere have no idea what it means to be an American. A vast majority of those individuals either represent in some way what it was most of us tried to escape with the formation of this nation, and others are just criminal, but still clueless to the actual ideals put forward by the founders.
So many examples can be given to demonstrate what has gone wrong with this society it’s hard to imagine that least some can’t be recognized, but first, a few questions must be asked to clarify what it is we should all be striving for;

1, what is it we all seek and wish for? It is the opinion of this writer it is safety and security from outside influence and protection against any actions from within that would threaten that safety regardless of who that may be, whether it’s a foreign body or a domestic group. So it is written in the constitution that we all as Americans who we have voluntarily submitted to be bound by that constitution, that we should always confront any threats to the goal of security. Certainly there is a right to petition the government either in writing or peaceful acts of gathering by a number of citizens, but nowhere is it written to allow violent protest, and anyone who partakes in any violent act are criminal and should be dealt with as a criminals.
Which also causes me and should cause many others to examine certain remarks made by General Mattis and others like him, both in the present and the past, even though in their own mind they believe those statements are patriotic and well-founded, their patriotism is obviously misguided, wondering then how many others are misguided also who are charged with everyone’s safety.

Another example of either being misguided or misunderstood is individuals like Colin Kaeperneck who has dominated the news lately by kneeling for the national anthem and showing disrespect for our flag thinking that can solve an issue with any government action, when that flag and corresponding anthem does not represent any one person or a small group as in most other case, but in truth concerning the U S it represents everyone including himself, so by his actions he is dishonoring his own position and calling himself a fool. There are better ways to bring attention to any corruption voting is only one of those methods that would not paint everyone with the same brush.

2, Prosperity is another point to consider, who can guarantee prosperity with the kind of criminal acts being undertaken with present day occurrences, when personal property own by individuals who have nothing to do with any grievance that may be present, and in fact takes away from that very foundation of what’s being argued. Those that perpetrate such violence or destroying their own prosperity and a future that could guarantee their own comfort, unless there is a corrupt purpose behind there acts.

I ask, what is it you wish, is that you can feel safe and make the best out of your life? Then isn't treating everyone well and as equals the way to promote that!

Another Special Addition

Saturday, June 6. 2020

Making a statement that is both short and sweat instead of long drawn out then the following points are valid!

It has been noted with the current violence being perpetrated by some and the call by a few to defund legitimate policing activities which was instituted by the masses in the first place, instead of creating anarchy by eliminating that protection which is available to all, then why not try stopping any criminal activity to start with that requires that police presence. Certainly without the need of having that presence then it would make for less of a chance of hiring any bad actors in that force to begin with, and supervisors could and should be more conscience of who's hired anyway if they truly are protecting everyone. That in itself would allow for the lessening of any police presence if that is the concern. The issue realy is more the lack of responsibility by some in the public arena that creates the issue at all, and those need to be held accountable.

Riots Without Reason

Sunday, May 31. 2020

Lately there has been rioting without apparent reason taking place in many communities, not to say there is no bases for any protest, there are, that is an American right, especially to aid in pointing out certain irregularities that exist and bad actions by some which seem to go unnoticed with using other methods, most assuredly however when rights have been trampled on.
However it has to be pointed out that many in other cultures around the world who look to this society for guidance watch and take notice of what examples can be gleaned from our system of handling certain matters. And violence and lawlessness is a poor example to set to influence many others that our system is best.
The term “Ugly American” can take on a true meaning for many in the world by what is projected by some individuals as representing the mass and entirety of the population of the U S, when in actually it may not be accurate, but onlookers can’t determine that realism as fact or not always, even though that sentiment is growing and the cause of that sentiment can be seen as having good reason to exist.
It further demonstrates either the complete ignorance or criminal intent of some, where that ignorance can be a product of a bad education by purposely failing to instruct in the proper subjects that outline responsibility correctly, or in a proper fashion when attempting that instruction anyway, noting there are some that are efficient and well-meaning at what they do but not all, and the reasons for any criminal activity? Can only be guest at, but probably from a liberal out look that some have allowing and prompting such activity to flourish. One example would be exempting of some from any financial liability by not taxing certain individuals so as to have any ownership in society so there is no concern over who has paid for that item, if they were then that would give pause to any destructive activity, besides being in step with the constitution provisions of having equal treatment for all. Another example is affirmative action where there isn’t any standard used in determining qualification of an individual for a certain positions, if there had been a standard of choosing the most competent then this and many others individuals filling a certain position would not of been selected to begin with.
The bottom line is the Construction calls for action to be taken not only to foreign threats but domestic threats as well and any violent up ridings of any kind is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with as criminal with criminal punishment. Any weakness to take such action is not only Un-American but criminal itself.

Economics 101, What Everyone Should Know

Sunday, May 10. 2020

Economics 101, simple math and how it relates to freedom

What every American should know about what may spell financial success for all just by exercising principles of basic math and how understanding these principles may apply to everyday life.

First, it is apparent through many avenues taken by a great number of individuals in an effort to gain some sort of financial enhancement or support, they look to either a Federal or State entity as a benevolent separate organization to gain that advantage from, and where those entities for some reason are seen as having never ending pockets of cash available for that effort, which is far from being true, there is an ending, however most think incorrectly those pockets can never run dry, by embracing that idea it shows failure by many to understanding the true structure of those pockets which in every case consist of their own, further consideration is also not given to where that aid comes from which is most likely friends or relatives who could never afford such an outlay required for that aid or be able to relinquish that cash needed for their participation for various reasons, including near bankruptcy or other financial hardship themselves. In reality other citizens may actually need the same support as any initial person making any requires. So the truth is, anything taken from one, also requires the same consideration be given to others a well, in that way, what you take from other individuals through taxation or fee’s let’s say, they can take from you using the same method or approach, which means in the end you actually paid yourself, so what’s the gain?

What are the main points outlined within this post! Like other posts It brings out many fallacies in the way that many think regarding personal responsibility, where certain thoughts and beliefs are contrary to what individuals like Dave Ramsay has been saying for years anyway. Who is it that needs any public help or assistance to start with? there is no doubt that some may be in need of that help on occasion, I won't deny that, however those are in most cases truly the downtrodden and individuals who somehow have been cheated in someway through illegal activities by some, but not as many as thought who require may require at assistance from public coughers, that is if certain factors are truly taken into consideration, in many cases that assistance is either corrupt or criminal in nature, if not somehow misguided in its effort or purpose. The fact is, if good common sense is used and more saved for any emergency which may arise we all would be better off financially, instead most of what can be saved is spent on trivial pastimes and items of personal pleasure with no regard to who it may affect with others ability to protect their financial futures. And this kind of attitude that prevails throughout society pertains as much to individuals as governmental policies. And because of any lack of understanding on this matter by many, it also reflects on other areas of governing people either through having or with a lack of responsibility.

So the question that must be asked, is what is it that should be on everyone’s mind regarding what effects poor planning or the lack of execution of those plans if they exists, and how that decision may adversely affect their future and their children’s future?

Responsability, its key for true freedom!

Sunday, May 3. 2020

Personal Responsibility and self-reliance is Key to freedom and Harmony

As required by the U.S. Constitution for its very survival or existence and any benefits that all citizens may receive through its influence, personal reasonability is key to establish those benefits.
That key of responsibility is what gives us or helps to give us all those freedoms everyone should enjoy daily, further knowing what constitutes that responsibility is just as important as the act itself. The problem is that many have no idea of what that responsibility is or what it’s comprised of, or even care to find out for themselves what it may be, in many cases that lack of caring comes from the improper education and guidance from their guardians when they are young individuals.
So many are engaged only in their own self-interest that many forget there are others that have the same rights as they do also.

With respect to the present coronavirus that exists today it comes with many facets of responsibility attached, first not only do individuals not wish to contract the illness themselves, but in many cases they do not want to pass it on to others either. Unfortunately there are those few who don’t care one way or the other and only care about their own existence and pleasures which may harm others and make it difficult for many to exercise their rights.

There is a side to this issue that must be considered too, and that is, with some or all the difficulties brought by a certain circumstance that causes some to react the way they do, there must be a line drawn between a sincere desire to protect the interest of everyone and protection of a few, and further care must be taken to insure that there is no corrupt intent behind any action taken by some.

For example: taking things too far and using draconian measures or what seems to be draconian in any effort to accomplish any goal and not trusting the general citizenry to do the right thing may erupt in unintended consciences such as rebellious acts and where protest can be seen as a legitimate act of defiance. On the other hand it may be that certain measures being instituted are either understood or misunderstood by all parties and or not well thought out as to the effects of some decisions and at that point who could be seen as irresponsable, that is certainly a question that everyone should ask not just leaving it up to interpretation, further making such decisions perfectly clear as to the intent may go a long way to cure many ills.That all boils down to choosing the right representative in the first place.

As always any dissenting views as requested and any others thoughts are encouraged.

Exposing corrupt Individuals

Sunday, April 26. 2020

Exposing corrupt thinking and those that engage in that thought!

Friday while traveling in the car engaging in certain needed chores there was a broadcast which I tuned into where Rush Limbaugh was mentioning a person he had concerns over, while that broadcast was taking place there was reference to a professor at Harvard university who professed in having some sort of expertise on child rearing, Elizabeth Berthelot, who projected by her thoughts and actions certain ways of thinking on how parents must be kept from their children and having any influence over them as much as possible in an effort to protect them against evil thought and misguidance in the child’s later behavior. I have to agree with Rush that particular way of thinking by that professor and those like her is dangerous and unacceptable and highly destructive to an orderly society.

A reference can be cited speaking of certain influences in my own life by both parents which may be one of those area’s that supports Rush in his assessment of this person which he mentioned.

It is a known fact that in my case and many others like me, there was and had been more than ample guidance and over sight aiding in influencing my behavior towards others and how I should contribute to society, my mother saw to it I had more than enough ethical and moral guidance and instruction to engage in that socially acceptable behavior in any endeavor I perused, and a good caring father who was also conscious of contributing to that favorable guidance by passing on the need for hard work and respect being shown in all matters and reinforcing my obligation to society and to others by treating them kindly, with dignity and respect, included with that instruction was the proper behavior towards animals and our obligation towards nature as much as regard for human existence, at the same time taking into account it still meant holding others reasonable whenever possible.

[ Then where does this person referred to in this article get off with advocating against parental guidance]

There are many contributing factors within that guidance which I received that would not have existed if this person referred to above was allowed to continue without some sort of pushback and challenge to the way she thinks and wants to influence others by those thoughts.

It is a known fact there are evil persons that inhabit our culture and demonstrate an air of not having any responsibility for their actions, even some who think they are correct in their way of thought, but in fact who are corrupt.Those actions they undertake create many ills for others and destroy lives in the process, but there are also many good people who understand their responsibility as well, and those people should not suffer in anyway by corrupt thinking by anyone, must importantly in the upbringing of their children. After all people are not machines or assembly lines made for the benefit of a few.

Question: Do you wish to be productive and give meaning to your life, or just vegetate and do nothing

Special notice

Sunday, April 19. 2020

Know the facts before any considerations are given to anyone regarding any public actions on elections?

Let it be said a complaint has been made known concerning Malfeasance of a government official to the print media as well as the perpetrator and they both failed to take notice or show interest in the matter or show concern for the public safety and notify those concerned of the danger which may exist to the public, then fake news media or a corrupt agenda by some must be thier forte of those that engage in that neglect and shirking of their duty.

Failures of proper repressentation for Disc.1 Arizona.

Hopefully everyone should know just for their own sake what is good representation and what types of decisions are made regarding their future existence by thier perspective represenitivies, so what does good representation mean and why it’s so important, it means safety, security with prosperity included; it’s unfortunate that some just through their actions seem not to care for their own futures existence, that’s apparent by their action.

Even though a person may seem to be a good caring intelligent individual who says they will work to benefit and improve the lives of many if given the chance, in most cases they lack the ability or skills to do so effectively, and further they have the inability to complete many of those tasks expected of them, it’s inappropriate to just represent a small number of those which he or she may be beholden to in some way for forget the remainder of individuals they are charged to care for.

In the 1st district of Arizona for example like many other districts in Arizona and other places, Representative Tom O’Halloran had been designated to represent his constituent’s through election and were he had volunteered for that election without duress, has failed in numerous ways with carrying out his responsibility and duties as he promised the citizens he would in representing them.

In making such allegations as this post eludes to, it is recognized that everything may not come to a proper conclusion as it should in every instance for a number of reasons, in many cases those failures do occur for some reason it is not always the fault of any one individual who may have failed in some tasks undertaken, but in this case Mr. O’Halloran like many others who has failed in carrying out a simple task which pertained to the basics of insuring that government works for everyone without corruption or bios has failed, then there is no reason in giving Mr. O’Halloran another opportunity to represent the people by electing him to a second term then failing again in continued representing his district.

It should be known Mr. O’Halloran not only has failed once in his duties, but multiple times, however to insure the accuracy of any claim and its proper outcome ample time has been given Mr. O’Halloran for his response regarding this matter and this issue has gone unintended to by him and not answered by Mr. O’Halloran himself, and Mr. O’Halloran without giving proper attention to this matter where its due, other than issuing unrelated political advertising and then only through his staff which constitutes the only contact shows lack of concern for his constituents, there have been many failures generated over this same issue time after time by him and others with the duty to address this issue which shows where there is a total lack of interest and responsibility to complete his task of representing the people of his district.

Remember this is a legitimate concern that represents and relates to everyone’s future as free people not just mine, by this protest being made in such a way it is hoped that it may dispel any argument by those who think this is just a selfish outburst which it isn't.

One should ask themselves then why they should or anyone else for that matter subject themselves to these types of disinterested individuals with reference to their responsibilities, whether they maybe a Democrat, Republican or independent which may demonstrate the same neglectful behavior.

George Kelly

Concerns Over Internet Operations and basic freedoms

Wednesday, April 15. 2020

Concerns over internet operations and what they mean

As the use of and the reliance on the internet grows more each day and it's affects are felt by a greater number of individuals, it is important to understand what using this form of communication entails.

There is a growing concern regarding individual privacy and how it can be maintained and still deliver quality service to its users. It is apparent that many fixes in the past have been made and required but fail to work as expected, basically because they don’t address the underlying cause correctly which is the character and honesty of some individuals using such service. The sad part of providing that security to protect privacy of certain individuals is that it can be seen in certain ways of having the effects of a loss of freedoms of those very individual they are intent to protect, a loss of freedoms in many ways imposed by the manner of how statements regarding privacy and responsibility are made for the use of that and affiliated services.

With regard to any statements on policy, it is the correct position to take by all parties that it’s the person offering the service which has an obligation to its users, not the other way around.
The abridging of any personal rights in essence as mentioned in the U S Constitution cannot legally take place in any form and certainly not by coercion by some even though there are a large number of courts, judges and attorneys these days that think those rights can be abridged and often proceed accordingly in their thinking and assumption those rights have been set aside somehow by just saying so in the form of a policy statement.
The true facts are no one can be held hostage for any reason with agreeing to the terms of service or with anything they can’t dispute at the very moment it’s presented for approval without the ability to make some sort or any counter offers for immediate action at the time of presentation to the person making the original offer to use such service and then having it finally accepted by both parties in its final form, especially where it can be seen as an essential service, that is if any kind of agreement is offered at all, I repeat especially what may be considered an essential service to some. The fact that it is presented as an offering to do business with the idea that many or most would wish to partake in that service or product and have some sort of need makes it essential by just doing and offering that business.

Another issue is the character and intent of the user where there may be ill intent and where certain etiquette can and should be expected. After all the internet is for the benefit of every person, then certain behavior should be expected and if that behavior run counter to the rights and acts of others then it must be prosecuted as a criminal act.

Of course there are good aspects of the internet and technology which helps to improve lives and those need consideration too, for example the collection of certain data that was gathered before the internet was introduced by hand and was quite tedious and mistakes where far more prevalent, Immediate keeping records of inventories, ease of having access to things like medical records and the like however not only do these things need to be addressed intelligently and legally the many areas where the internet comes in to play needs to be ready for prime time as it said and the internet as in stands is not ready to be rolled out and relied on as it is currently.

Corruption and progressivism

Sunday, April 5. 2020

The corruption caused by Progressivism

Understanding the corruption caused by Progressivism a person must first understand what progress means in any of it's forms. The understanding of what progress means per Mariam Webster paraphrased is, it is known as the supposed movement forward with a way of thinking away from current ideas or thoughts that are held by some thinking it would improve on what currently exists; the unfortunate part is it doesn’t accomplish that goal of changing anything for the better with present day politics. However in the way that the so called political progressives of modern day society view moving forward can actually be seen as regressive thought and ideas to embrace an older standard pre dating the U S Constitution, to a European way of thought or some other social or governmental order.

The principle point of the original U S Constitution of 1776 stresses freedom and equality for all which hadn’t been seen before in the past with most other governmental structures, and further was not meant just for a specific group to gain some sort of advantage, it however was meant to veer away from totalitarian or tyrannical rule to a free and just society with moral integrity with everyone having a say in how their lives would benefit and progress.

A fact cannot be argued that the original ideas presented by that document are unjust in anyway. If the original concepts are followed where it had been previously establish by that constitution, then there would not be any inequalities suffered by anyone at any time and every person would have the same and equal benefits and opportunities it offers. Not adhering to those standards by a few that are set by the Constitution may however at some point in the future deprive those progressives or someone close to them by rejecting these principles set by the constitution from any benefit which may be deserved by any one person.

It should also be stressed there is nothing within the U S Constitution that is at odds with regards to any modern way of life like some say. Its not the Constitution that presence a problem, it is the un-constitutional laws or actions engaged in and not understanding their consequences prior to their enactment and enforcement at a later date that presents any issues or restrictions or obstacles that are illegal and untenable.

A number of examples can be cited where progressivism destroys everyones lives and does nothing to improve those lives as thought, but the one subject that’s most discussed is how abortion is seen as a Federal obligation, where in fact it isn’t truly the responsibility of the Federal government to make any rules on that subject, not even the States or local governments should be concerned in some ways, however any death it may cause by early termination without just cause Is there concern, but just cause is not just simply deciding a person doesn’t want a child any longer for little or no reason.The fact is a women has certain rights and choice that's true her health is one of them, abortion under certain circumstances like rape, incest or for reasons that threatens the life of the mother is just but not any illegal activities such as murder and taking any life after conception is just that, but then so does a man have certain rights also but neither have the right of terminating a life just because they wish, there has to be a valid reason and being irrespirable is not one of them. Perhaps the real point to be considered first is who’s is truly responsible and what the role of the Federal government is for to begin with, many mistake it as being designed only for them, the problem is if that's true that would leave others out trampling on their rights, violating the vary premise of why there is a constitution to protect everyone rights, even in some cases those that use the government for the own purposes.

Common Sense is Essential

Sunday, March 29. 2020

Proper education leads to making correct decision with everything in life!

A proper education does not mean which school someone may have attended, it is obvious that a bad education can be produced in a top rated ivy league school as easily as a back water no name institution. The reference to a good education for anything other than a specific discipline such as medical or engineering referred to in this posting as specific, is the teaching of others in the proper method of recognizing common sense guidelines to engage in and using them appropriately, such as what is something a person desires to achieve and how that achievement affects others beyond themselves in the ability to accomplish the same goal as they, as long as it is not for criminal gains. The entire premise behind having a free nation and society is equality and without having that equality then there can only be slavery in some fashion. Of course the meaning of equality is that everyone is subject to the same rules.

Not only will having a proper method for making common sense decisions allowed through better education be affective in a political sense but it can be and should be applied to everyday living as well, the fact is good common sense goes hand in hand with both endeavors, either political and personal. And much of which passes today for education is nothing more than propaganda and distractions and has little true value in developing that good common sense which is necessary for an orderly free society.
Being taught good common sense at any age but most appropriately at a younger age while developing an individual’s outlook on any subject that may affect behavior in a certain way of thinking throughout life, and with that development would also include selflessness as being part of that common sense which would not only reduce to zero or near zero the number of divorces occurring in the world including the U S with numbers hovering around 50% by creating selflessness and understanding between partners, by doing this would keep these potentially broken homes intact then have a huge effect of having more intact families which should produce many more mentally stable and healthy children who then would be released on society to make better life and political choices. In which case, those individuals would have a better reference point for making sound decisions reducing the amount of stress and conflicts seen in any or many of the situations that come about through existing chaos. As it can be verified that many causes will have an effect on any and everything it comes in contact with and a corrupt cause will only produce a corrupt outcome on anything it has an influence over.

A United Society

Sunday, March 22. 2020

A United Society is a product of Community Involvement

It has to be said by some that the only way there is be unity and stability in a society that is through total community involvement by everyone, Even though in many ways it could be considered a good thing by having a dissenting view at times over any subject if only to spur a conversation over whether it may be a valid point or not, which hopefully that point being the correct one and can be proven by a positive end result.

There are so many area’s that hinge on whether or not something is valid that a number of different subjects should be discussed both in the present day effects and those that may occur later from any action taken, which such action could have a good or bad effect on whether or not a society is sheen as just and true with any decisions that's made then incorporated into everyday life. Validity of any argument and the decisions that comes from it begins with understanding personal behavior and a person’s attitude towards life which can be seen how they function in thier personal lives towards others and on how they may aid others in society and how they may lead others by their example if given the change.

Selfishness is a vital area of concern towards that end in making any evaluation on a subject, and another area that has to be taken into consideration is the opposite of selfishness which is selflessness that points to how someone properly relates to others needs.
The question then must to be? Who is the best person to represent the masses in order to have fewer disputes and conflicts with more productivity and successes in aiding each and every person with achieving their goals, is it the selfish person or the person that does not have a selfish agenda that should prevail? It has to be the most selfless and honest person available.

With that thought it must take the entire community to have some sort of involvement in having that ability to make that choice, so voting and expressing ones opinion in a free society can be and is vital for freedom and safety to be guaranteed.

Again the question is, what you expect from life, do you wish to be free or enslaved, do you wish to prosper or flounder your decision to participate could determine the outcome.

A common theme found throughout each post on this site is good character counts.

Democray and how it works

Sunday, March 15. 2020

Democracy and how it works

Democracy and how it works is a subject that is spoken of one way or the other by some, but far too few in this free society actually engage in Democracy were they should, that society requires a democratic approach to function and survive fail to take full advantage of what it has to offer and what the responsibilities of those that benefit by it and receive from it are. Democracy is not achieved by just name calling and engaging in any opposition to a particular proposal just because it comes from someone else rather than themselves. True democracy is gained by working together as one to achieve a common goal.

It is recognized however full democracy may present some opportunity for dissenting arguments, but one thing must prevail over all else, that is seeking a beneficial outcome for all. The lying and misrepresentations made by some to gain some sort of advantage is in the final analysis is a disservice even to them and does not serve true democracy.

{A question which must be asked of everyone is, what is it that a person really wants and how to achieve it}
Careful thought must be given to that question posed above making sure there are no selfish reasons for whatever answer anyone comes up with.

Complacency is certainly a major enemy to democracy, also a failure to communicate can be seen as a contributor to any misunderstandings that may occur. In order to achieve any common goal, a person most know what someone else thinks and feels to have the ability to gage in any endeavor and be truly free.
It can also be said that no one has any grounds for complaining, for any reason, if they do not express an opinion on any matter, in most cases that sharing of opinion is gained by voting on certain subjects, however, that does not preclude any verbal arguments made by some that represent a certain faction or group of people, those individuals that speak on others behalf are known as leaders, which being a leader doesn’t mean a certain individual is better than someone else, but for simplicity sake one person is elected to speak for others in that group, and because of that responsibility to speak on others behalf there must be a certainty they represent a consensus of the majority, keeping in mind the minority has rights to, which is a perfect example of why any decision should be based on benefiting everyone, if it doesn’t then it should not be considered in the first place.
Democracy relies on individuals and those that make certain arguments on the behalf of those they serve, by being fully competent and honest with their responsibilities, if they are not then they do not deserve to be in the position they fill. It is also the responsibility for all those that have a legal right to express their opinion through vote to do so.

Although there are many more aspects to democracy to consider the above opinion covers much that should be considered, which is keeping it plain and simple.

Thursday, March 12. 2020

Special Edition (Coronavirus)

Thursday, March 12. 2020

This special edition is posted to bring attention to all the talk about the current heath crisis which has gripped the entire world and offer some common sense solutions, clean as best as it can be normally expected of your person and surroundings. It has to be noted that there is no difference or should there be any difference in how everyone should proceed and continue with any normal personal hygiene if it is deemed effective, it is obvious that making sure that personal cleanliness and the surrounding area's of habitation should always be observed regardless of when or where not only for your benefit but for those around you. It is to bad that anyone has to suffer and become ill from any influence at any time, but those kinds of events will always occur with this or any other infection.
Make sure that you begin and continue with any methods of hygiene which may be currently suggested in hopes it may reduce the risk of getting sick, and stay safe and sure that those around you are also safe from being infected by you and continue as you normally would in your daily routine and certainly don't panic.

Gender and Ethnicity in politics

Sunday, March 8. 2020

Gender and ethnicity in politics and the responsibilities that goes with it

Much talk has been undertaken lately on the subject of who should be given a chance to possess a certain post, whereas that decision should be an easy one.

Any confusion or concern over this matter can be dispelled and summerized in a few words.

It is said by some that it’s time for a female to hold certain positions regarding a number of offices or posts and have the same responsibility that goes with it. It has also been discussed that a minority person should be given the same opportunity, which in some ways would make perfect sense that encompass many concerns over inclusiveness in any form which may be considered, but that is not the real objective which should be considered, the best qualified person should be the main objective.

However to secure the best possible outcome for everyone’s safety and security a choice should not be driven only by selecting any particular gender or and ethnic group for deciding such issues which may play a part in daily activities, it must be the most and best qualified person who comes out on top of any appointment then oversees any decision making process or leadership role for any offering or endeavor. Which brings up another point, concerning any white male or age group being considered the only exception would be the heath of the person, that is, the person chosen for that post being sought should be the most qualified under any circumstance for undertaking any task that’s required regardless of race, gender or age, which doing so may cure many ill’s which may be present.

Even in a non free society’s to secure peace and prosperity and guarantees of safety for everyone including those who rule people should always seek to be lead and guided by the best qualified individuals and if that is not possible then that is a good argument why those that rule should not be in the position they are.

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